The Most Celebrated France Casino in Southern France

France casinos are some of the most breathtaking in the whole of Europe, making France to be arguably the country that has the most number of casinos, with some 200 ones under its belt. Most of these casinos are evenly spread in the major cities of France, while Paris has 8, a high number by any measure. However, casinos that France is known for are to be found on its south coast, most notably the Riviera, or Côte d’Azur.

The famous tourist resort, the Riviera, is found in Monaco, a small principality in France which is autonomous, therefore not exactly a French territory. Monte Carlo, also famous for the Monte Carlo Circus, is the central attraction for Monaco, and has luxurious hotels and also some good casino resorts. Within the principality of Monaco, the most famous casino here is the Monte Carlo casino, and also forms the best attraction for tourists flocking to Monaco.

Another great gambling facility in France is the casino complex, where the Grand Theater de Monte Carlo is found. It is also the headquarters of Ballets de Monte Carlo, and is an attraction for people of all walks of life, where rich or poor or middle class. Here, tourists from different parts of the country are to be found playing the slot machine in style, just like royal members.

It is not just the glamour and grandness of the Casino france games that French casinos are known for. Rather, the inclusion of Monte Carlo Casino by Ian Fleming as a setting in his first book of James Bond. Also, it was chosen as a location for James Bond movie, Golden Eye.

Just outside the great Monte Carlo Casino are the Casino Gardens, as well as the famed Café de Paris, where lunch is not only served, but both morning and afternoon tea are also available. For the evening revelers the treat continues especially in the surrounding nightclubs, in which cabaret and dinner dancing is offered. Therefore, you can never be short of entertainment and exquisite treat.

The casino part of this complex is open during the hottest months, which normally fall between June to September, and is also the peak of the season therefore, you will need to have proper attire, if gambling is your main reason of touring this resort city. Tropezia palace casinos are certainly the attractions for most tourists who go to France.

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